How do I get Spark Cut to my IPG CarMaker model (CM4SL) for customized traction control?

I am currently developing an IPG model in Simulink to simulate the Driver Aids of a Formula Student car. The problem I have is that I have not found any way to simulate the Spark Cut of the engine.
I have found CMS4L variables such as PT.Control.Ignition, PT.Ignition or Vhcl.Ignition, but none of them have worked and I think they are just for the start and stop of the engine.
Is there any way I can implement Spark Cut in my model? Should I have to model an engine different from the one on IPG, or maybe should I implement the engine with other simulator (such as GTSuite, for example)?
Thank you.

Hi Alberto,
for Spark cut do you mean the strategy to let some of the fuel to go unburned from the injector tip to the exhaust line?

Hi Roberto,
Yes. We are using it to cut power for our Launch Control and Traction Control, although I have not found the way to implement it in my model

Hi Alberto, I am investigating this topic but there isn’t any way we can implement this in our model because you would need all the physics of the combustion which is not implemented in CarMaker. What you can tune instead is the effect of the spark cut on the torque controller and implement a torque cut in the simulink model. You could build a model where you check the vehicle speed and if stationary and acc pedal fully pressed (lunch control active) to regulate the torque if one of the wheels loses traction.

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