How can I split a road entered with a bin file?

Is it possible to cut a road inserted with a .bin file, to insert an intersection?

If it’s not possible, how can I insert and modify, on Carmaker, a route for which I know the real points obtained with GPS detection?

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which CM version are you using?

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I use CM 11

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from CM12 you can convert a segment into 2D points, therefore you can convert the road and create road sections.

In CM11 what you can do is adding the intersection for example like I did below with a straight segment+ virtual junction that connects to the .bin file (in the example Examples/Measured/Scenario/CHE_BerninaPass.bin)

Hope this clarifies your query.

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It’s so clear.
Is there an easy way to convert .bin file in a .xodr file whit out use CM?