Help identifying a specific moment of inertia of the car model

Hello! I’m currently on the need to help my university laboratory to analyze the motor control performance of a formula race car (like FSAE, FSG). So, in order to consider the load torque on the rotor of the electric motor, we are gathering a simple simulation data of what could possibly interfer on it - rolling resistance and drag forces, currently.

We had no problem in doing it, but our control model considers the motor directly coupled to the wheel, and in order to feedback the current state, we need the moment inertia of the motor/wheel system around the axis. Is there any place on the car model in which we could find these values? or maybe a path to calculate it?

Obs1: The motor-wheel system considers a gear ratio of 1. As a starting step of validating our motor control, we only want a simple load torque profile, so we simplify as much as we can for it (e.g. the data consists of a straight line run).

Good morning,
in your initial setup study do you have a in-hub motor or an electric motor connected to the wheel with a driveshaft. Do you want to know the inertia of the motor, driveshaft and wheel? How much torque is the motor producing and max rpm?

Currently, I’m only helping my colleague by getting the load torque profile of a simple simulation, so that she can see her motor control performance under these torque, velocity and load torque conditions. In this way, I didn’t get to know the specifics of the motor model - the simulation was to generate a ‘virtual case’.

Angular velocity, torque, load torque (derived from rolling resistance, drag…) from the simulation would be used as an input as a reference for the control model, and the Moment of Inertia would be needed to calculate its actual angular velocity, considering the motor+driveshaft+wheel.

I don’t know your idea and would like to hear from it, but could I fit the Torque x Ang Acc data into a curve (T=I*alpha)? to find the independent moment inertia of the motor and wheel (using appropriate T and alpha)?

I understand that things are getting a little bit confusing as I didn’t get to see the actual model, these are only derived from conversations. I asked her to see it and maybe things will be clearer.

Thank you for your attention.

Not really clear what you are trying to do, but if you are looking for the rot. Inertia of the motor and wheel, there is a parameter for that in the carmaker model, it would be better if you post some screenshots of the model so we can see what powertrain model is she using.