Geometry data disappearing

Hi guys,
Has anyone had the error where data is going missing from kin files? All of my saved ones have missing data when i open them after doing them all yesterday and saving multiple versions. It worked fine in CarMaker and now i just want to make slight edits.

Just means i’m going to have to do it again but I don’t know if it will keep happening.

Could you please share your .kin file? What are the exact steps to reproduce this error?

If you are unable to share your data here please send your .kin file to On the subject write “Geometry data disappearing”.

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I sent an email. Thank you.

I think that the problem was an unexpected line break on the .kin file. I am not sure where this line break came from; it could have been a mistake by a user, and IPGKinematics error or a file corruption. Anyway I think that by getting rid of this line break the problem goes away. I made 2 file with the default Double Wishbone values to highlight the problem.

Double_Wishbone_Corrupeted.kin (16.9 KB)
Double_Wishbone.kin (16.9 KB)


Yes, I believe this is the problem as it can be fixed as you say. It happens to all my files but at least I know how to fix it. Not sure of the root cause.