Generation of fmu file for CM from Vector based cm4sl model

Hello all, I wanted to generate FMU from my Simulink model so that I can share the fmu file to other CM users. In my model I have vector quantities, which I couldn’t generate the FMU file for this vector based I/O model. Did I miss something in how to convert it using the FMI 2.0?

Thank you in advance!

Good afternoon,

after you create the FMU are you following the procedure described in the programmer’s guide, Chapter 9?

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I have tried that, I think I shall change my FMU version to 3.0, anyway thank you for the reply!

What errors do you get when trying to build the FMU? What is contained in your model? How are you generating the FMU? Are you using the Simulink FMU Builder provided by MathWorks? If so, it might be best to direct your question to MathWorks.

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Correct, I am using the Simulink FMU builder. And yeah, it is probably the correct solution to contact MathWorks, thank you!