FSAI Package errors / not working

Hello there,

I am currently trying to get the IPG FSAI package running but it somehow does’nt work.
I am using the FS_autonomous_Legacy project, a Nvidia GTX 970 and the 450 Nvidia drivers.

I followed the instructions of the webinar but as soon as I hit the connect button under Configuration/Status this error pops up:
I dont really get what is going on here, in the webinar that did not occur.

I continued ignoring the error and tried to start the simulation when I got another error pop up saying: “GPU-Sensors 1, 2, 3: Error Timeout during startup.”
Is there any way to adjust the timeout value? Or is it due to my hardware?
As far as I understood it from the release notes my hardware should be sufficient but could it be that I am wrong?

I am really looking for your answers!



The GPU sensors certainly work on a 1060, so I don’t see why the won’t on a 970 as well. It covers the minimum requirement of 2GB VRAM and the correct architecture.

There is a way to increase the timeout time for starting the GPU sensors. However, I would start with an even simpler experiment in this case.

  1. Could you try this ROS package with disabled LiDAR and Camera RSI sensors? Does it load properly and work?
  2. Could you open a standard CarMaker instance and create a new project where you can try a basic GPU sensor simulation with none of the ROS stuff? Here are the instructions that I copied from another post:
    2.1. For this project, we use a “CMStart” shell script to launch CarMaker with a bunch of additional options. Instead, open CarMaker from its basic executable. In Ubuntu, that would be in /opt/ipg/carmaker/linux64-10.1/bin and it should be called “CM”.
    2.2. Create a new project and open one of our example test runs that contains a GPU sensor. I would recommend the RadarRSI_Motorway example found here:
    Product Examples/Examples/BasicFunctions/Sensors/RadarRSI_Motorway
    2.3. Check if this example times out.

If you are getting a timeout, I can walk you through starting the GPU sensors in debug mode with a longer timeout delay. These issues are usually either related to the NVidia drivers, the additional OpenGL or other external libraries needed for the sensors to work, or the communication port for connecting to the GPU might be closed as it sometimes happens.