Free Moving Steering

Can the steering be set to move freely, independent of control from the IPG driver?

If the steering is set to zero, does this allow for free movement, or does the system actively apply steering corrections to counter any deflection?

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you can impose a steering angle with the DVA command DM.Steer.Ang. You may want to set it for a specific amount of time, for example 2000ms (2s). After 2s the IPG Driver (if the manouvre is set as IPG Driver) will regain control of the vehicle and will try to follow the SDC and SDV calculated.

When I use the command DM.Steer.Ang = 0 in a mini maneuver in IPG CarMaker, and observe the simulation in IPG Movie, the steering appears to be fixed in the zero position, appearing very rigid. Does this mean that the simulation is applying a constant steering angle of zero, or is the steering system actually being left in a neutral, uncontrolled state?

Constant steering angle of zero rad/deg

I don’t want a constant zero steering angle to be applied from the driver. I want the steering to be set free. Is that possible?

What is your use case?

I’m working on a simulation where a car encounters two speed bumps in succession. However, after hitting the first speed bump, the vehicle automatically steers back onto the road or the constant steering make the vehicle miss the second bump, which is not the intended behaviour in my scenario. Therefore, I need to prevent the vehicle from steering automatically and constant steering.

If the first bump is causing the vehicle to jump and leaving the road/deviating from the reference line that you need to leave the IPG Driver dynamics on so that it can automatically try to go back to the reference line and consequently the second speed bump which I presume is on the path the driver needs to follow

No, I don’t want any steering correction. The bumps are just next to each other. I want the vehicle to hit the second bumps naturally with the steering deflection the vehicle experienced by hitting the first bumps. Basically the steering has to be set free, no correction or no constant steering as well.

Hi, to set the steering wheel “free” from any control you need to use steer by torque as shown in the image below. You just need to input the value of 0 (Nm) for the duration that you want (check the lateral dynamics tab below)