Extracting tyre longitudinal slip vs mu graph

Is there a way I can extract a lookup table/data points of slip vs mu graph of tire model available in carmaker?

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You can find the data used for the plots in your CarMaker project under SimOutput/“YourComputerName”/ModelCheck


In the “User’s Guide” (Main GUI → Help → User’s Guide) you can find more information about

  • Model Check - Under the section of Simulation - Model Check
  • Post Processing Data - Under Data Analysis. You can easily use cmread to load the data into Matlab

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It really helped, Thanks you so much Mr. Jose Nevado. May I also ask what is the index means in this table?

Sorry, I just found what the index is, Since the plots are for different mueRoad values. Index is given. for example Tire_Fz000_Slp_m000, Tire_Fz000_Slp_m000, Tire_Fz000_Slp_m002 represents slip vs Fx graphs for respective mueRoad values 0.1, 0.55, 1.

Your answer helped me to solve a problem in which I was struck for the past two weeks. Thankful to you Mr Jose.Nevado.

You are welcome Prabanjan :slight_smile:

Hi Prabajan.

Could you tell me where did you find these tire graphs?

If you just need the graph that could be found in carmaker model checker. If you need the data points in the graph, you need to extract it using “cmread()” command from the .erg files which will be available in simoutputs folder of your carmaker project directory. Helps?

Model checker? I am afraid I’m not aware of it. Could you tell me how to get there?

Nevermind, I found it. Thanks for the help !