Exporting custom made Vehicle Model and Track from IPG Carmaker

I have a custom-made model of a vehicle and track in IPG Carmaker. As I would like to bring both over to the CARLA simulator, I need to export both of these. From searching online, I found vague information as per following:

  1. Export the track as an Opendrive file
  2. Export Vehicle from IPG carmaker, convert to .fbx format (as CARLA supports .fbx)

Could anyone kindly explain how exactly I can do this, slightly more in detail?

Hi Kottara, why would you do this?

since my company wants to avoid paying for the IPG lic. I am trying to move the project to CARLA which is open source.

I’m sure your boss would be open to hear about the benefits of CarMaker with regards to Carla. Feel free to get in touch with me (send me a PM) and will follow up.
For all who read this post: if you search for a professional simulation engine and you have little budget, feel encouraged to talk to IPG Automotive. We have solutions for all type of business. No need to move to Open Source tools just because they are free of charge.

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what are the differences between carmaker and carla?

Dear Chao, please let me know which site you are located so I can engage the corresponding engineers to get in touch and have a deep discussion on the advantages of using CarMaker. I believe this is much more worthy than putting a few bullet point on this chat. Thanks