EV Vehicle Transmission Modelling


I am attempting to model an initial EV design in carmaker. The design is base don a 1 motor system and automatic gearbox. When I select automatic under Drive Source > Gearbox, the clutch parameters become unavailable as expected. However when trying to run the simulation an error arises indicating that the clutch properties are not specified.

The simulation will only run when ‘Automated Manual Transmission’ is selected, but this is not fully representative of the design we have.

Please can you advise on how to simulate the EV vehicle with an automatic gearbox and no clutch?

Thank you

I solved temporarly by completely disabling TCU. Do you have any other solutions?

You should use automated manual transmission with one gear ratio and TCU active- CM automatically recognizes it is electric vehicle and does not change gear or best you can put no gearbox and removing the TCU (not specified from the drop down).
Open some vehicle examples like the Tesla S and verify the settings there.

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