Error roll angle too high (>80)

I was trying to create a vehicle model, but I keep on getting this error when running driver adaption that Roll angle is too high >80 and driver adaption stopping prematurely, or driver adaption running and the vehicle getting a high roll angle during a track test session. I am using a double wishbone suspension and changing different suspension settings as well as moment of inertia of chassis, trim loads and battery components has not changed the roll angle error. Could anyone help me with this error?

Hi fcm.user

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Your car is rolling over during the Driver Adaption. That is why is failing.

Did you create your vehicle from zero or you were using one of the examples vehicles and buiding on top of it? If so,

  • What changes have you done respect to the “example” cars?.
  • What is your CoG?
  • What tyre model are you using? If you change it, do you have the same behaviour?