Error opening IPG kinematics

I’m using the kinematics part of IPG, but I’m having some problems with its use.

One of these is that I cannot open the IPG kinematics menu from the Carmaker GUI and from the vehicle parameters.
I don’t know if it could be a bug in the installation, installation location or some similar problem. Any advice would be very helpful.

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IPG Kinematics requires a separated installation from CarMaker. Once you have installed the option will be available. You can find the intallation files the Customer Area under Installation Files. It will be under the section “Extras”.

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I was able to reproduce all of the symptoms of your problem.

This happens when IPGKinematics is not installed in the IPG installation directory. This could happen if you did not use the same default Destination Directory for both installations (CarMaker and IPGKinematics).


To fix this, just make sure that the kinematics folder is installed in the IPG installation folder.

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