Does the ModelCheck for the Tyre take the Suspension into Account?

Hi everybody, my question is if the ModelCheck for the tyre takes the Suspension Setting into Account.
I used the FSAE TTC tire data for the formula student teams to generate a RealTimeTire-Model. If im executing the ModelCheck the graphs turn out not symmetrical. Especially the Self Aligning Torque looks bad.
My only idea is that the ModelCheck considers the Suspension settings e.g. Camber and thats why the graphs are unbalanced. But when Im using a example FS tyre everything looks fine.
Has somebody experienced the same or has an explanation?

Thank you guys!

Hi Jonas,

Welcome to the Forum!!

The tyre ModelCheck shows the common tire characteristics according to your tyre model and the inputs provided in the tyre section of the Model Check, which includes camber. It does not consider your vehicle suspension.

You can find more information in the User’s Guide (CM Main GUI → Help → User’s Guide) under the section Simulation - Model Check.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi Jose,

thanks a lot for the help!
I still have a problem with the RealTimeTire. As I mentioned, Im trying to insert the tire measurement data from FSAE TTC into a TYDEX format. After that Im converting the TYDEX file with the tireutil.exe programm from IPG.

The reason behind my problem with the not symmetrical graphs in the ModelCheck could be the used Axis system. Tydex provides 3 different axis systems C,H and W. I currently used the H-System which centers in the Wheelhub. But the measurements were done in SAE conventions, at the Tire contact patch which would be the W-system.

My problem is that I can only use the TYDEX H-Axis system for the forces in the TYDEX file. If Im using the W-System the tireutil.exe programm doesnt convert the file.
Either it does nothing or I get the error message “Wrong Dimesion of the characteristics: longitudinal force: -1, lateral force: 1083124335”
I tried to change the force directions with -/+ in ever way but it has no effect.

I only have this problem when im inserting the lateral force direction, Fy, Fz, Mz, slip angle and inclination angle. If the input ist lateral and longitudinal Fy, Fz, Mz, Mx, slip angle, slip ratio and inclination angle, everything is fine and the W-Axis system works.

Im really stuck here so it would be great if someone has an idea how to solve this problem!