Discriminating factors to determine the difference between two car models

Hi everyone, my name is Francesco and with my formula student team I am registered for the competition linked to the Silverstone race. My university has two teams, both entered in the competition. In the last Q&A it was said that in our case, since my university has two teams, the models of the two cars must be different, otherwise we will be disqualified. From here a doubt arose: to avoid disqualification, is it possible to know what are the factors that determine the difference between two car models? When can they be defined different and when can they be defined equal? I hope my doubt is clear, thanks.

Hi Francesco,

The cars must clearly be of their own design and not simply one car with the tunable values slightly altered.

Final submissions will be checked for similarities. In the event that any doubt arises that one team has copied another, the onus will be on both of those teams to provide evidence to the FS Judging panel that their vehicles were independently developed.