Data is different from postprocessing to ipgcontrol


I try to evaluate the slip values of my car but when analysing the details CarMaker shows me in IPGControl that the slips values range from 0 to 6% whereas when I monitor them in Matlab (either from the erg file or Simulink and using the to workspace block) the range is from -5 to +7.5%. The evaluation has been done using the same test run, no new test has been run in between. Does anybody have an idea why this happens? This makes it tough for me to evaluate the data.

Good morning,

I had run the same example test slalom 18m that can be found in vehicle dynamics and plotted the results in IPG Control, Matlab and also exported the excel file. They all look identical

Make sure that you haven’t converted in IPG control or Matlab the unit from the standard rad to deg.
If you are referring to the scale on the left than can be modified both in IPG control clicking on the scale itself or Matlab to make it identical.

Hope this clarifies your query