Custom signs not visible in MovieNX


I successfully created a custom sign and added it to CarMaker; it is viewable in IPGMovie.


In order to create the signs I did the following steps:

  1. Obtained an image for the sign
  2. Created an infofile, .trfsign file, containing relevant information
  3. Placed the created files in the traffic signs folder where they belonged (DEU folder within the TrafficSigns folder in the CarMaker instalation folder).

Because I’m trying to test the signs in the HiL environment, I’d like to see them in MovieNX. The signs aren’t visible for some reason. Instead of the sign being displayed, a dark background can be seen on the sign’s panel.

Is there anything else I need to do to get it to appear in MovieNX? Or could it be a problem with my setup (version of software I’m using)?

Thanks for the help, in advance.
Best regards,
Raúl Kevin Viana


What software version are you using?

I followed the methods that you described and managed to create my own custom sign “AA”. I just copied an existing trfsign file for a rectangular sign and replaced the image and the names/identifiers. You can see in the image below that the sign is now visible in both IPG Movie as well as in MovieNX.

I have used CarMaker 11.1. I just consulted the Release Notes, and unfortunately the ability to add user-defined traffic signs has been added in the very latest version of CarMaker only (which is exactly 11.1).



After contacting IPG team, I discovered that the .png file I was using was in grayscale 8bit, and it should be in either RGB8 or RGBA8. After converting the files to RGBA8, my issue was solved.

Best Regards,
Raúl Kevin Viana