Custom physics-based sensors

Hi all,
Is it possible to define our own RSI sensor models in CM that are not based on existing RSI sensors? I.e. if I wanted to implement my own RSI radar from scratch, is there a mechanism for doing that? I looked through the documentation, but didn’t see anything relevant. Thanks!


It may be possible to create an RSI sensor, but I doubt it can be added to the “Sensors” tab in CarMaker and actually treated as a sensor. It will be a full plugin written in C or Simulink, and I feel like the task would be extremely complex to do from scratch.

Specifically with RADAR RSI in CarMaker, a lot has been done recently to split the model into distinct parts, antenna, front-end, and back-end signal processing. In the latest versions of CarMaker, it is possible to use the GPU coding interface to entirely replace one or more of these stages with custom code. This is described in the Reference Manual and I believe was added in CM12 (or could be 11)


Since you are specifically interested in RADAR, perhaps you could use that functionality as it almost does everything that you want it to? I don’t know if all 3 stages of the RADAR can be replaced, but if they could, then this would be somewhat equivalent to defining your own RSI RADAR model specifically.


Thanks for a quick response. Very interesting to learn about the GPU coding interface, will definitely look into that. I am interested in Lidar as well and in the past, we’ve written our own “packaging” stage on top of the RSI lidar using the C-code interface to get the data into a specific format. My original question was prompted by the thought that if the user had access to the underlying world model and the right interface, then he wouldn’t need the RSI package at all and could just implement his own sensor models. Sounds like that might be asking a little too much though.

Although… I know for a fact Ansys and possibly other companies are developing physics-based sensor models for CarMaker. Wonder how they are doing it.


Some companies may choose to use CarMaker for the vehicle model but use their own 3D environment. The sensor models are very tightly connected to the chosen 3D environment. This is the difficulty of integrating a 3rd party sensor model to CarMaker as well, sensors tend to work off the 3D simulated model, e.g. usage of ray-tracing and 3D object reflectivity properties.

Other companies may be developing their own sensors that work with their own 3D environments.