Current steering angle of formula student car (ros)


I need the current real steering angle to use it in my control system as the steering angle has a response time to reach the desired angle.

So I need the steering angle in every sample time

So my question is how can I get the steering angle at every sample time is it possible to put an encoder on the steering angle in the formula student car example

Thanks in advance

CarMaker already stores important variables in what is called a data dictionary (see Chapter 4 of Programmer’s Guide). The complete list of this User Accessible Quantities (UAQ) can be found on Chapter 24 of the ReferenceManual. In this list you can also see the corresponding C-Code Name.


The steering angle of the vehicle is stored in the UAQ: Vhcl.Steer.Ang (C-Code Name: Vehicle.Steering.Ang )

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Thank you for your efforts