Create and update the scenario parameter in run time using Geo-cordinates

Our Requirement: Create and update the scenario/road, traffic and environmental parameter in run time using Geo-cordinates (Lattitude, longitude and altitude), real time traffic and environmental data.

a) Is it possible to update the parameters after starting the simulation?
b) Can we export CarMaker simulator to an executable file and update the scenario/road, traffic and environmental parameters during run time.

Generally speaking, it is not possible to change parameters once the simulation has started. It is possible to manipulate the simulation once it has started by influencing some variables (see section 12.3 in UsersGuide.pdf).

It is possible to extend the functionality of CarMaker with C-code interface and build a new CarMaker executable and, for example, load it into a real-time system (see section 1.3 of ProgrammersGuide.pdf).

It sounds like you are trying to feed live road and traffic information based on Geo-coordinates. How exactly would you obtain this information? Are you planning on using any other software tools or hardware in combination with CarMaker? What exactly are you trying to achieve? Visualization of a real live road network in CarMaker? Couple CarMaker with a driving simulator?

We are trying to create/update a route while running a simulation. Our queries are detailed as follows:

  1. Can we create a road by manipulating Lat, long and elevation of entire route as variables in run time.

  2. Is it possible to give route points (Waypoints) as inputs after creating an executable.

  3. Does CarMaker have any toolkit or third party tools (Like OSM, Google maps etc) to select a particular route (From multiple available routes) after giving origin and destination as inputs.

  4. We are having CarMaker 6.0.1 ‘UserGuide.pdf’ and ‘ProgrammersGuide.pdf’. Can you share the link to latest version of these documents.

  1. To the best of my knowledge this is not possible.
  2. This option is not readily available. However, it is possibly to add a driver trajectory extension to the CarMaker executable, but it is quite complex to implement.
  3. CarMaker has multiple road import options, such as HERE HD Live Maps (third party tool), that allows the user to import complete maps base on Latitude and Longitude coordinate. However, this import happens before the simulating starts.

  1. Downloading CarMaker (including documentation) is free of charge, one only needs to be register in order to access the costumer area.

Thanks for the response.

For Query No. 3: Is it possible to automate this process, like running a script or any other similar method?.

I do not know if this process can be automated.

A lot of automation is possible in CarMaker, see chapter 14 of UsersGuide.pdf v10. For example, most of the GUI can be manipulated using a simple script language (Tcl/Tk).

If you are interested on the manipulation of roads in CarMaker, you should take a look at IPGRoad API. More information about IPGRoad API can be found under Help > Additional Documents > IPGRoad API Reference.

CarMaker interacts with HERE HD Live Maps own set of APIs to obtain information for road generation. The exact interaction happens on the C-code level and it is unknown to me. I believe one of this APIs is REST: