Create a Scenario based on GPS-Data

I am currently working on a study project to create scenarios from imported GPS data. Other simulation environments such as VTD are based on XML to describe scenarios. Is there anything comparable in CarMaker?

I have lists with e.g. geo-coordinates, speeds etc. and an openDRIVE map.

Is it possible in CarMaker to create a route based on waypoints independently of the lanes of openDRIVE? My script is based on Python :slight_smile:

You can use QGIS to convert the GPS coordinates to a kml file, which can then be imported from the CarMaker Scenario Editor. You may still need to reformat that kml file, which would be trivial if you can script in Python. Please look at the example kml files included in the CarMaker installation to confirm that your kml file is formatted correctly.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll give it a try. Do you know how to make a car drive this coordinate route? I can’t find any information on this but only the normal driving along a path of a lane.

I’m afraid that the method I have suggested is a process to convert a route defined by GPS coords into a road, not a “route” in terms of CarMaker nomenclature.