Could mini-maneuver commands connect to USB port?

Hello there,

I have a requirement to output a certain integer on USB port, on execution of mini-maneuver commands. For example

[Vhcl.Distance > 60]   Output integer 6 on USB port
[Vhcl.Distance > 40]   Output integer 4 on USB port
[Vhcl.Distance > 20]   Output integer 2 on USB port

Could you please help me know if connecting to USB port is possible through such mini-maneuver commands? If not, could you please give me some pointers on how to access the USB port from CarMaker? Just FYI - I am using Carmaker For Simulink.



For manipulating USB, since you are already using CM4SL, perhaps you can use some of the Simulink libraries to do that. I don’t know if there is a generic way to send a USB signal on Simulink, but there are multiple libraries that utilise USB connection.

The trigger for sending this could be a CarMaker dictionary variable that gets manipulated in the mini-maneuver commands, which enables the USB sending block in Simulink.


Thank you for your response. We will try the solution and get back.