Controll MovieNX via command line

I’m trying to implement MovieNX on a drivingsimulator with 5 displays. Each display is connected to a computer in the basement. I wrote a batch file to start MovieNX, connect to the simulation of the host-pc and show the visualisation on fullscreen. Now I want to find a way to change the camera settings through my batch file. Is there a possible way of eather having a default view for each display or write a code that chooses the camera setting?


To my knowledge, there is no way to start MovieNX with a specific desired camera view at the moment. In addition, there is no way to interact with MovieNX through scripting as of CarMaker 11.1 (current latest version).

We recognise these are shortcomings of MovieNX at the moment, and our developers are working hard on adding these respective features in the next major release of CarMaker. I know that the goal is to have them in CarMaker 12, but I cannot guarantee the exact timelines or current plan.

I understand this is not an ideal situation, and I can only apologise for the current inconvenience caused.