Cockpit Package polling rate

I am trying to use CarMaker for Driver-In-The-Loop simulation via the cockpit package.
The steering wheel I use is a Logitech G920, and initially everything seemed to work fine.
However, at some point the car started to behave weirdly when using the cockpit package and I found out the steering wheel angle switches back and forth between my inputs and the inputs calculated by the IPGDriver. It can be seen in this picture:

Your support helped me find out that the issue seems to be related to the update rate of the steering wheel. The DM.Steer.Ang value seems to only get updated around every 40 ms via DVA by the cockpit package, and after 40ms the value is timed out and the value calculated by the IPG driver is used.
The logitech device should be able to send updates much more frequently, and it actually seemed to do so before.

Any help on how to fix this issue (ideally increasing the update rate) would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Jonathan,

  • Is this issue consistent upon restarts?
  • Also is it consistent having Logitech G Hub open and closed?
  • Also, do you have this issue with other channels (ie throttle/brake?).
  • Is the wheel directly connected to your PC or is it through a USB-hub? (these can cause sometimes intermittent issues)

I have just tried to replicate this issue but using a Fanatec CSL Elite and it was updating at 16ms intervals which is also below the hardware capability. (Just a check, what is your IPG control sample rate, the default of 100Hz won’t tell the full story).


Tim Sherrington

Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Yes, this issue is consistent upon restarts. It is also consistent between two different PCs
  • It does not matter whether G Hub is open
  • The update rate of the brake and gas signals is the same, and the values also time out but it’s at least not as noticable when it happens
  • The wheel is connected directly to the pc
  • I did set IPG control to a 1000 Hz sample time