Checksum calculation for E2E profile 2

I cannot adjust protected group size while calculating checksum value for E2E profile 2. There is no interface to adjust protected group size when ı configure CAN communication based on dbc file with using Carmaker bus based IO configuration. Carmaker does calculate checksum value for all signals under message. But ı dont want to protect all signals under message. For ecample, ı just want to protect first three signals under message and rest of signals dont need to be protected. Do you know either how can ı define protected group size (the signals under message to be protected by E2E P2) by using Carmaker bus based IO interface or how can ı change the code that is used to calculate checksum value ?

To creating CRC as you required it need to done by RBS hooks in C code . Default CRC support uses all the signals in frame to calculate CRC value.