CarMaker Vehicle Model in Uniform Circular Motion

Hi, I’m studying vehicle models like double track model.
And I make my own vehicle model and currently validate those model now.
For validation, I choose several scenarios like uniform circular motion, double lane change, straight line, etc.
So this is the process.

  1. Logging vehicle ground truth data for control input (currently tire forces and steering angle)
  2. Comparing model’s estimation value and ground truth vehicle motion data.

When I do these thing … I captured something weird at uniform circular motion.
That is Tire FL (Front Left) & FR (Front Right)'s Y-axis force’s direction is different!
and slip angle of those too!
In my common knowledge, centrifugal force and tire’s y-axis force is equilibrium.
And all y-axis forces have opposite direction with centrifugal force. but FR-y axis force’s direction is same with centrifugal force.
It happened only in lower speed uniform circular motion. Please give me answer why that thing is happen, and how!

Exact Circumstace

  • Radius : 15m
  • Controller
    • Lateral : IPG Driver
    • Longitudinal : Speed Control - 13.68 km/h (for 1m/s^2 lateral acceleration)
  • Vehicle : Demo_Ioniq5_2W Default Setting

Thanks for watching.

Please elaborate on why the behavior is supposed to be considered “weird”.