CarMaker unable to read and send signal from an FMU

So, I tried to replace the powertrain of a car model with an FMU. However once I started the simulation, I got some error messages as follows:

SIM_START unknown 2024-04-10 14:37:51
Time 0.816
ERROR FMU ‘NewProject’, FMUIn.PTGenDLDiffrotvin: No such source quantity ‘PT.Gen.DL.FDiff.rotv_in’
ERROR FMU ‘NewProject’, DDict.PT.GearBox.Trq_out: No such destination quantity
ERROR FMU ‘NewProject’, DDict.PT.GearBox.rotv_in: No such destination quantity
SIM_ABORT unknown 0s 0m

The idea is for the FMU is to calculate Transmissions torque and rotational velocity and will have to take the value of the drivelines Differential rotational speed signal from CM as the input (PT.Gen.DL.FDiff.rotv_in).

How can I fix this? Thank you in advance


how did you define the quantity PT.Gen.DL.FDiff.rotv_in?
Did you use the define new quantity and write new quantity to the data dictionary?