Car losing control

hey, is there a way of finding out why the simulation causes the car to swerve off the road?

Good morning,
did you implement a lateral manouvre?
Is the driver losing control of the car? Did you run a driver adaption?


sorry for the late reply, im not too sure how to implement lateral Maneuver, could you please help me or reference the guide as i cant find it anywhere .
thank you

If you are looking to implement a lateral driver manoeuvre go into manoeuvre(main CM GUI–> Parameters–manoeuvre) or typing CTRL+M. You will see there is Lateral Dynamics definition.
The documentation on this topic is in the reference manual, chapter 5.3.
Did you resolve the original issue you had with the model?

Hey, ive been trying to implement the lateral driver manoeuvre but i am still unable to stop the car from swerving off the road, could you please explain how i could go about this
thank you