Can we load road file (.xodr) to carmaker using python CMAPI?

I need to load Road file in carmaker, which I can load manually from scenario editor. However, I want to automate this using python CMAPI. I am able to load testruns and create variations and run them.

I want to know is it possible to load road files using python CMAPI.


The Python API documentation in IPG CarMaker (especially CarMaker 12) has a few examples of loading a test run, vehicle, and setting some parameters before executing a simulation. The provided examples show how to use “set_parameter_value()” in the Variation class to change the Ego vehicle, or alternatively you can write straight to the project infofile using " write_parametrization()" from the Project class. Since adding an external road file is simply another key inside the test run Infofile, you should be able to set that key and use the road that you desire automatically.


I am using CarMaker 11, I couldn’t find much information about Road in CMAPI 11.0,
I want to load the road file (.xodr) and terrain file (.obj). And before starting the simulation, is there a possibility to choose route in road file with automation scripts (CMAPI)?

kindly give some examples to load .xodr and .obj as well.