Assistance Needed for Combining CarMaker and for Real-Time Data Exchange

Hello friends,

I am seeking your assistance in advancing my research project involving CarMaker and Specifically, I am looking to create a bridge between these two platforms to enable real-time data exchange. I came across the Aslan-CarMaker project on GitHub (GitHub - IPG-Automotive-UK/Aslan-CarMaker: Integration of CarMaker with project ASLAN, open-source autonomous software for low-speed applications.). Can i use CMRosIF for this purpose ?
As experts in this field, I kindly request your guidance on how to proceed with the integration of CarMaker and
If you have any experience or knowledge regarding this integration or changing from Aslan to, I would greatly appreciate your input and suggestions. I am particularly interested in understanding the steps involved in setting up the bridge and establishing real-time data exchange between CarMaker and
Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,