Algorithm validation using Python

Hi i wanted to know how to using python algorithms like traffic sign detection,or lane detection’s etc in carmaker for simulation and validation as there is no option of using your own ADAS script.


There is currently a Python API available in CarMaker, but it’s used for control automation, not for algorithm development and integration with an existing vehicle model.

To integrate a Python algorithm in CarMaker, you would have to use a 3rd party player in the simulation. Here are a few examples that come to mind:

  • CarMaker for Simulink supports direct integration with Simulink and Matlab. I think Matlab provides a way to integrate and interpret Python code.
  • CarMaker supports C code plugins. There are ways to call Python in C, though I appreciate it’s not straight-forward.
  • If you can compile your Python code into an FMU, CarMaker supports direct FMU integration.
  • CarMaker can run in combination with ROS in Linux. You could write your algorithm in Python as part of a ROS/ROS2 node and directly integrate it with CarMaker.
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