Adding to cones to the test run

Hello, I have created a couple of tracks for testing and validating our vehicle model. I have been trying to add cones to the track. While working on this I came across a document which uses the script control file to generate cones. Can you explain a bit more about this? Does this script automatically generate cones around the track. If yes then how can we do it? I tried following the guide shared with us but getting the error as in the image.

The script relies on reading the TestRun file and finding the key “Road.Route.0.Length”. Your error occurs for one of two reasons:

  1. There is a road built in ScenarioEditor, but there is no defined route to drive on.
  2. In CarMaker, you can either create your road and save it as an external file, or the road can be saved inside the actual TestRun. This script probably expects the latter. In ScenarioEditor, you have two separate “Save” icons, they differ in exactly they way described here. Try saving the road inside the TestRun and run the script again.