10 inch tire data

Hey, is it possible to get 10 inch tire data as we will be using these for our car in the competition.
Thank you

I will repeat the answer that I have gave to this question privately: “Unfortunately, we do not have measurement data for a 10 inch tire. I also needed a 10 inch tire for the upcoming Package, therefore I adjusted FS_195_50R13 to be an 180_50R10 (see attachment). This tire has only been adjusted in size, but the tire forces are still the same.”
Tire.zip (48.5 KB)

Would a team like to donate 10-inch tire measurement data? I will then include this new tire in the upcoming package. Of course you will be credited in the file description for all other teams to see. Also, other measures to give you some publicity for this contribution can be discussed. If interested, please sent an email to: formulacarmaker@ipg-automotive.com